Nissan S15 (1999-2002) Titanium Dress Up Bolts Partial Engine Bay Kit


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The Nissan S15 Dress Up Bolts Partial Engine Bay Kit includes 47 high-quality Titanium hardware pieces for your engine bay.  The kit comes with detailed instructions making installation quick and easy.   

Dress Up Bolts are professional race grade titanium hardware made from 6AL-4V Grade 5 Titanium.  Our bolt designs incorporate a hex key insert that allows for easy installation and prevents stripping.  

Why Titanium? Titanium is ~45% lighter, stronger, and will not corrode like your OEM hardware.

This kit is available in Blue, Red, Black, Polished, Gold, Purple and True Burned.

Check out the location diagram to identify what hardware our kit replaces in your S15's engine bay.

Please email us if you have any questions about the kit.

Nissan S15 Engine Bay