About Us

Since 2010 we have been using our addiction to detail to create titanium hardware kits for the automotive industry. How addicted are we?

All of our products are made from Grade 5 Titanium because it is strong, lightweight, and doesn’t corrode. All of our kits come with instructions designed to make installation quick and easy. All of our color options have been put through UV and Durability testing to ensure the highest level of performance.

We then used our addiction to detail to innovate.

We were the first to make vehicle-specific hardware kits. We were the first to introduce a red titanium color option -- which we were told was scientifically impossible. The first to incorporate well nuts with our widebody hardware -- creating a better seal than rivnuts. We were also the first to release our own bolt gauge tool and tutorial to give everyone access to quality hardware for every detailed project you can imagine.

So where did that get us?

We have the largest titanium color selection in the industry. Our hardware catalog has over 170 vehicle-specific kits with new kits being developed constantly. In the last two years, we have started developing hardware kits for aftermarket parts our customers love such as AeroCatch hood pins, TiAL BOVs, ARP Wings, and so much more. We have added new individual hardware sizes including self-tapping screws to our catalog. Some of the largest retailers in the world now offer our products. And finally, we inventory every bolt in our U.S. based warehouse and handpick each piece of hardware that goes into your order.

In summary, we’re addicted. Are you?