Dress Up Bolts Titanium Widebody Hardware - Bundle D

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True Burned

This titanium hardware combo prevents corrosion, provides different color options, and isn't affected by UV fading. NOTE: Titanium washer in this combo has a smaller diameter than the bolt head so it is not seen when installed.

Bundle Includes:

  • (1) M5 x .8 x 25mm Titanium Motor Head Bolt
  • (1) M5 Titanium Washer
  • (1) M5 x .8 x 15mm Well Nut
  • Installation guide

Hardware Specs:

  • Available Colors Include: Blue, Black, Gold, Purple, Polished, and True Burned
  • Made from GR5 Titanium
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Titanium Washer OD: 12mm
  • Motor Head Bolt OD: 14mm

Well Nut Specs:

  • Well Nut Torque: 5 lb-In
  • Well Nut Grip Range: 0.38mm (Min) - 4.88mm (Max)
  • Well Nut OD: 9.5mm

Please use the information provided above to determine if it will work with your body kit.

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