Dress Up Bolts Titanium Three Piece Wheel Bolts - M7 x 32mm

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Dress Up Bolts SKU: IND-073-Ti-BLK

Designed with Purpose Designed with Purpose

Designed with Purpose

Most three piece wheel hardware uses a 12-point or torx head design. We decided to change things up by making it easier for you with a custom bolt head (8mm socket & 5mm allen key), giving you more installation options.

Improved Longevity Improved Longevity

Improved Longevity

We found that the quality of the hardware used in three piece wheels doesn't always match the quality of the actual wheel they are going into.

This is why all of our three piece wheel bolts are made from Grade 5 Titanium. As a result our bolts elasticity and corrosion resistance out performs the industry standard. Additionally, our coloring processes keep your hardware looking fresh longer.

Install is Key

During install we recommend using blue loctite, torque from the nut side to prevent damaging the wheels finish, use a start tightening pattern, and use applicable wheel torque specs.