Dress Up Bolts Titanium Three Piece Wheel Bolts - M6 x 32mm

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Cosmic Burn
Oil Slick

Dress Up Bolts SKU: IND-079-Ti-BLK

Aerospace Grade Titanium

Aerospace Grade Titanium

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Never Rusts

Grade 5 Titanium creates a natural oxide protective layer when exposed to harsh environments and chemicals making it the most durable metal against rust and corrosion

Unmatched Strength-to-Weight

Allowing us to provide the same level of strength as steel at 45% of the weight. You'll notice the difference the moment you pick a titanium bolt up.

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Stunning Color Options

Stunning Color Options

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No Fading. No Chipping.

We use the best suited coloring process for each of our color options. This ensures you get the highest possible durability and vivid color in each piece of hardware you order from us. Tested, proven, and backed by our warranty.

Something for Everyone

Choose between our 7 color options. Go bold with one of our bright colors or keep things classy with our polished or black.

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Reimagined Design

Reimagined Design

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New Bolt Head

Traditionally 3pc wheel hardware uses a 12-point or torx head bolt design. We designed our bolt head that utilizes more common tools.

Now you can choose between a socket or a allen key (8mm socket & 5mm allen key) when working on your 3pc wheels.

Build The Perfect Wheel

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