Steering Wheel Hardware

Dress Up Bolts Titanium Hardware Steering Wheel Kit - Button Head Design


$24.99 USD

Our button head kit is designed to work with steering wheels and horn-delete-plates mounted above that incorporate a flush design.  

Choose between our 7 color options available in the drop down menu to get the exact look you desire.  

The hardware is made from Ti-6Al-4V Titanium.  Each piece is hot forged and include rolled threads for increased strength.  We use a PVD coloring process resulting in a coating that is 4x harder than chrome and out performs other coloring processes agains UV fading.  

NOTE: We recommend only using this steering wheel kit when the wheel is designed for a flush bottom bolt or when equipped with a flat or bubbled horn-delete-plate.  If the steering wheel has a concave design for the bolts to seat recessed into the wheel check out our countersunk steering wheel kit.