Kevin Vo - The 86 Guru?

Kevin Vo - The 86 Guru?

If you have looked up "how to install" videos for your 86/BRZ chances are you have seen Kevin Vo's face pop up.  Kevin has been a part of the community from the very beginning when the first 2013 models hit the States.  For the past 8 years he created content at SubiSpeed and FTSpeed which resulted in product spotlights, install videos, and best practices to maintain and enjoy your 86.  

Two years ago Kevin started his own YouTube channel with the goal of turning a salvaged FR-S into a time attack dominating race car! Fast forward to today and he not only has achieved that but he has also picked up a brand new GR86 to start modifying.  

We had the opportunity to hangout with Kevin at Boxerfest last year and since then have gotten to know him and see that he genuinely loves the chassis and wants to help other owners in the community.  When the opportunity came up to work with him on a video featuring on of our Dress Up Bolt kits for the GR86 it was a no brainer for us!  You can watch that video below!  

Keep up with Kevin and his 86s by subscribing to his YouTube Channel and following him @thekevinvo

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