Featured Driver: Reggie Cunanan

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Featured Driver: Reggie Cunanan

Reginald Cunanan and his 2011 Mitsubishi Evo X are a match made in heaven. Born in San Diego, California and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Reggie has been around the car culture forever.  “As a kid, I was always into cars. Whether it was playing with hot wheels, video games, or watching tv and movies related to cars.”  Growing up he watched his dad modify different cars and bikes and knew that one day he wanted to do the same.

In 2008 Reggie got his first car,  a 2009 Scion TC with a manual transmission -- he knew that the car would not stay stock for long.  With no real knowledge at the time on where to start or what modifications would be the most beneficial for the car, he began to research on forums and put a plan together.  

He began his modifications with a TRD Cold Air Intake and a HKS Catback Exhaust for the Scion. These modifications made him really excited, but as time went on there was another car that kept grabbing his attention.  

It didn’t take long before Reggie was researching and visiting dealerships trying to find a Mitsubishi Evo.  “I test drove a used Evo 8, my first time ever driving one. The sales advisor pointed out to me that there were a few after market modifications including a intake, exhaust, and a blow off valve. At the time, I didn't even realize what all of that meant. I went on a test drive and my mind was blown. I had never driven anything turbo-charged, and had never heard the sound of a turbo spooling. From there on out, I knew I wanted an Evo.”

Reggie started shopping online every day trying to find the perfect Evo.  When he would find one that met his specifications, he would visit the dealership that had the Evo only to find out that it had already been sold.  This went on for over a year until one day in December 2010.

“I went to California to spend time with my dad. The night I arrived, my dad suggested that we check out the Evo’s that I wouldn't stop talking about. Without hesitation, I agreed to this adventure. The next day, we arrived at South Coast Mitsubishi. I felt like I was in heaven. I did not want to leave without one. About 4 or so hours later, I drove off the lot with a brand new 2011 Octane Blue Mitsubishi Evo X GSR with Sound and Sight Package, with only 4 miles on it.”

Dress Up Bolts - Featured Stories: Reggie Cunanan

Fast forward to present day.  Reggie has put 92,000 miles on his Evo X and has changed the livery 4 times.  “I told myself, all I wanted to do as far as modifications goes, was an intake, exhaust, and tune. What a joke that was. The car has gone through multiple phases since I got it.”

This is his current modifications list: 


  • AGP 3” Cold Air Intake
  • AGP Upper Intercooler Pipe
  • AGP Lower Intercooler Pipe
  • AGP 3.5” Intercooler
  • ACT Monoloc
  • AEM 320 LPH High Flow In Tank Fuel Pump
  • CSF Radiator
  • CSF Coolant Cap
  • Competition Stage 3 Clutch
  • Design Engineering Inc Gold Heat Wrap
  • Design Engineering Inc Exhaust Heat Wrap
  • Design Engineering Inc Heat Shield
  • Design Engineering Inc Fire Sleeve & Tape Kit
  • DressUpBolts True Burned Titanium Hardware – Engine Bay Kit
  • Fuel Injector Connection 1000cc Injectors
  • Greddy Ti-C Turboback Exhaust
  • Grimmspeed 3-Port Boost Controller
  • K&N Engineering Carbon Fiber Air Filter
  • K&N Engineering Oil Filter
  • Radium Engineering Dual Catch Cans
  • Radium Engineering Fuel Rail
  • Radium Engineering Fuel Pulse Dampener
  • SAMCO Sport Radiator Silicone Hose Kit
  • Go Fast Bits Diverter Valve
  • 390WHP/350TQ on E-85
  • 330WHP/320TQ on 91


Dress Up Bolts - Featured Stories: Reggie Cunanan



  • GTSPEC Front Strut Bar
  • GTSPEC Rear Strut Bar
  • SuperPro Suspension Front Sway Bar
  • SuperPro Suspension Rear Sway Bar
  • SuperPro Suspension Roll Center Kit
  • TEIN USA Flex Z Coilovers
  • TEIN USA Electronic Damping Force/Active Pro Controller
  • WORKS Motorsports Hybrid Shifter Cable Bushings


  • Aerocatch Hood Pins
  • BattleAero Wing
  • Continental Tire Extreme Contact DW 285/35/18
  • Chargespeed Wide Front Fenders
  • Chargespeed Blister Wide Rear Fenders
  • Carbon Fiber Hood
  • DressUpBolts True Burned Titanium Hardware – Widebody Kit
  • DressUpBolts True Burned Titanium Hardware – Valve Stem Caps
  • DressUpBolts True Burned Titanium Hardware – License Plate Bolts
  • EBC Brakes BSD Rotors
  • EBC Brakes Blue Stuff Brake Pads
  • Spyder Auto Head Lights
  • Spyder Auto Tail Lights
  • TaperPro USA Scratch Free Forged Racing Lug Nuts
  • TredWear Racing Font Tire Letter Kit
  • Varis Original Runduce Front Bumper
  • Varis Orignal Runduce Front Lip
  • Varis Original Runduce Side Skirts
  • Varis Version 2 Rear Bumper
  • Varis Rear Bumper Carbon Diffuser
  • WORK Wheels CR2P 18x11+3


  • AEM Digital Boost Gauge
  • AEM Digital Oil Pressure Gauge
  • AEM Digital Air to Fuel Ratio Gauge
  • A-Pillar Triple Gauge Pod
  • BRAUM Racing 5-Point Harnesses x2
  • BRAUM Racing Venom Series Racing Seats with Sliders x2
  • BRAUM Racing Harness Bar
  • Custom Alcantara Suede Hand Brake Boot
  • Custom Alcantara Suede Shift Boot
  • Custom Anderson Motorsports Bracket for 5 Point Harness
  • DressUpBolts True Burned Titanium Hardware – Steering Wheel
  • DND Performance Interior 350mm Suede Steering Wheel
  • DND Performance Interior Coilover Shiftknob
  • GoPro Hero 3 Camera
  • GoPro Harness Bar Mount
  • Optima Battery
  • Planted Technology Seat Brackets
  • WORKS Motorsports Short Throw Shifter Kit
  • WORKS Motorsports Shifter Console Bushing Kit
  • WORKS Bell Short Hub
  • WORKS Bell Quick Release


Dress Up Bolts - Featured Stories: Reggie Cunanan

“I chose a Mitsubishi Evo X as my daily driver, because it suits my personal taste and needs perfectly. I wanted a fun platform that has all wheel drive, turbo-charged, four doors, and looks that I can’t take my eyes off of.”  Reggie’s vision is to build an ultimate daily driver that is show quality, but can also run on track days.  His Evo 10 has been featured in magazines, won awards at events, and been showcased at SEMA.  

Dress Up Bolts - Featured Stories: Reggie Cunanan

“It would never be where it is today if it wasn’t for the help of my significant other, friends, family, and sponsors.” In the next year Reggie is hoping to have the car track ready and go back to SEMA as a booth car inside the convention center.

“I look back at it every time I park it. If I didn’t, I clearly bought the wrong car."

You can follow Reggie on Instagram @regwaslike

Click here to check out Reggie's YouTube Channel.