SUB-006-Ti has merged with SUB-005-Ti

SUB-006-Ti has merged with SUB-005-Ti

Dress Up Bolts

We have merged two of our Subaru WRX kits into one product SKU.  SUB-005-Ti and SUB-006-Ti are now listed on our site under SUB-005-Ti. Please discontinue SUB-006-Ti and make the required changes to SUB-005-Ti.  Changes to the product listing include: 

New Location Diagram, new product images (including red), and updated description. 

We have included CSV files below for the updated kit.  For Dealers with websites that do not use CSV files, we have included a link to the Product Resouces folder where you can download images and descriptions.

You can always stay up-to-date with our product line changes by visiting the Dealer Pricing Guide.  You can access this file by logging into your dealer account on our website.

If you have any issues listing this product on your website please contact us at

Subaru BRZ Titanium Hardware Trunk Kit (SUB-014-Ti) - CSV FILE & Product Resources